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Aletheia expresses a concept dear to us that can be traced back to the most ancient philosophical traditions, that of being able to dispel the veil that clouds our existence and keeps us anchored in ignorance and illusion. With our school, with our courses, we want to offer the opportunity to better understand the phenomena of life by freeing ourselves from belief systems and acquired patterns that are no longer functional and suitable for achieving a state of greater well-being and balance. After 35 years in the fields of healing, yoga, martial arts and the study of sound, we created Aletheia International School of Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine.

Harmonizing Your Inner Self and Body

What we do today creates the foundation for our future. Daily rituals and sustainable habits can help you to grow, learn and evolve, guiding you towards realizing your full potential.

Your Body is your only real ‘home’. From regaining a sense of feeling comfortable in your own body, to getting deeper insights about what makes you truly happy and replenished. The yoga of life gives you a sense of fulfilment enabling you to experience “Oneness”. We invite you to come back home to your own true self.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I've enjoyed the yoga classes with Kerstin a lot: her creativity and body knowledge are truly inspiring! Massimo helped me understand that reducing stress and listening to our intuition are the main goals of yoga therapy as a counterpoint to Western therapeutic strategies. Thank you both for your teachings!

Sophie 300h Yoga Therapy Training Student

Many times I have visited the land of the gods, discovering fascinating places and beautiful beaches. But this holiday was really special because in addition to our morning yoga sessions outdoors, teachers Sara and Massimo took us on a discovery of authentic Greece, far from the clichés of the usual islands teeming with tourists! With them, I found Greece, the real Greece, made up of little pearls set in the rocks, wonderful villages by the sea, endless beaches and enchanted places, where culture and mythology have been merging for millennia to make you live the dream... A fabulous experience to repeat and undoubtedly recommend to everyone! Thank you, thank you.

Stefano, Varese, Italy Retreat Participant

Very Intense program. It made me change my mindset from the Western sickness-focused healthcare approach to the holistic, global health balance focus of yoga therapy. Loved Kerstin's yoga classes and Massimo's mantra/kirtan moments.

Sonia 300h Yoga Therapy Training Student

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful Yoga, Trekking and Nature holiday in Bionaz in Valpelline. It was a wonderful few days because of the excellent balance between the various activities: two hours in the morning of meditation, breathing and yoga and very pleasant trekking, despite the variable weather conditions. In the evenings we watched very interesting films. We ate healthy and delicious food at the hostel La Bâtise, which is also very clean and beautifully restored. The yoga room is independent and quiet. In addition to this, a very peaceful relationship was immediately established between ‘all of us’. It was nice to meet new and interesting people. We had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences. Really nice! Thank you Massimo and Sara, a big hug

Marta, Milan, Italy Retreat Participant

Life-changing experience! I wanted to dive deeper into yoga and especially therapeutic techniques. We had amazing teachers, passionate and wise men that guided usthrough the knowledge path! I have so much clarity about my next steps, this training helped my belive in my self recognize my powers! This training is a chance to experience all your emotions and work with them, work with your self!

MYRTO PAPADOPOULOU, Greece 300h Yoga Therapy Training Student

The rooting Energy of the earth, the warming power of the sun, I was in need of both when I got in touch with Massimo and Sara to begin my own personal jurney of the soul..... I found much more than expected, their way of being wonderfully human made feel like I was in the right place at the right time. They are both persons who are not at all afraid to express love... I, for once, felt much so that I decided to join them again after a few days in the Island of Kefalonia, after having just spent a week with them in the Peloponnese! I warmly recommend this retreat... let yourself be enveloped by their passion and vitality. I’m very honored to have met them during my journey.

Raffaella Borgomanero, Novara, Italy Retreat Participant

Thanks to my kind and decent teachers Massimo Cantara and Nicola Caravaggio I just spent a lovely week amidst the beautiful nature of Tuskany mountains. Check them out if you are interested in Yoga and / or Djembe drumming. We stayed at La Croce Retreats, which is such a heart-warming place, offering space and respect for any human and non-human being. If the beauty of simplicity inspires you, you like fresh home- made vegetarian food and wish to have a time out, this is definitely the right place to go!

Silvia Morgenstein, Germany Retreat Participant

While I was in Italy I spent a week at this lovely yoga retreat n Apennine mountains. Every morning we had yoga classes for two hours, then breakfast, then two hours of classes about the Chakras and the different Bhajans or chants that activate each one. After lunch and some free time in the afternoon, we had 2 hours of Djembe drumming lessons. I learned so much at the camp – about yoga, the chakras, drumming, and about myself. I also met some interesting people and made some great friends. It’s a week I’ll never forget, for many reasons. We also had one day off during the camp, and so we all went on a hike to La Verna, a nearby monastery on Mount Penna. It is said that, Saint Francis of Assisi received the stigmata here. It was a tiring but lovely hike. The monastery had a peaceful vibe, and lots of interesting information about Saint Francis.

Zia Foley, Canada Retreat Participant

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