Our Location

Mediterranean Retreat-Center on Lesbos Island in Greece

The building, now a center for yoga and energy healing practices, was originally a Greek tavern and small hotel. It overlooks the Gulf of Kalloni, just a few meters from the sea, and is located in a secluded natural environment of exceptional beauty. This area is a paradise for birdwatchers who come from all over the world, especially during spring, to admire the rare beauty of migratory birds such as pink flamingos, black and white storks, and peregrine falcons. The gulf is an important breeding area for many fish species, making it a lively stretch of sea. Its location, natural ambiance, peace, silence, and power of elements make it an ideal place to immerse oneself in the study and practice of various disciplines, leaving behind the physical and emotional burdens that usually crowd our lives.



Our center has ten rooms available for accommodation – five in the main building and an additional five in a second building that is located 800 meters away. We offer double rooms with twin beds and single private rooms are also available for an additional charge. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom for your convenience.



Our staff carefully prepares all meals in our center’s spacious kitchen using only locally produced raw materials and ingredients of the highest quality. These ingredients are grown in healthy, unpolluted environments on lava soil that is rich in nutrients, ensuring that our meals are both healthy and delicious. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as plenty of fruit from our garden, herbal teas, water, and various drinks throughout the day. Our meals are vegetarian/vegan-based with a strong influence from Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine.



Lesbos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is not as touristy as other Greek islands like Santorini, Mykonos, or Rhodes. Despite this, it is a generous and independent island with its own unique profile in the Greek economy. It offers a lot of interesting things to discover and enjoy. The island is the birthplace of Sappho, a famous poetess from the Classical period. It is also known for producing the best Hellenic olive oil. Lesbos is the uncrowned king of ouzo and retsina, and has a curious and unique petrified forest. The capital, Mytilene, is rich in historical vestiges and has a great student life that keeps it lively even during the long winter months.

The island’s nature is lush and generous. Millions of olive trees alternate with dense forests, desolate valleys, and barren mountains. Additionally, there is an endless coastline that is unknown to mass tourism and solitary but welcoming. It is familiar only to the almost 300 species of migratory birds that choose to stop here every year. Lesbos is an island that does not let itself be dazzled by the easy money and somewhat kitsch of boorish and naive tourism. It lives its routine with optimism and appreciates the fact that those who come here have not chosen their destination at random.



Lesbos is located in the archipelago of the north-eastern Aegean islands and is the largest of the group in size. Because of its importance, it has very easy connections with Athens, where there are several domestic flights every day throughout the year. If you want to save money, there are good connections by ship every day of the year. Ships also stop in Chios and often go as far north as Thessaloniki.

From some European countries, you can fly directly to the island, which has a small but modern international airport. If you cannot find a direct flight to Mytilene, fly to Athens, and from there take another flight to the island.